25 vintage (πρωινά) φιλιά σε ασπρόμαυρες φωτογραφίες ♥

Το περιοδικό TIME δημοσίευσε ένα άρθρο γεμάτο φιλιά και σφιχτές αγκαλιές για να μας υπενθυμίσει τις πιο ξεχωριστές στιγμές αγάπης και τρυφερότητας, τις οποίες φιλοξένησε στις φωτογραφικές στήλες του μέσα στα χρόνια.

Ένα όμορφο, vintage κολάζ που θα σας κάνει να θυμηθείτε στιγμιότυπα που έχετε δει και αγαπήσει στο παρελθόν και θα σας εμπνεύσει να φωτογραφίζετε κι εσείς όμορφες και ξεχωριστές στιγμές που βιώνετε με τους δικούς σας ανθρώπους…


Δείτε τις φωτογραφίες 🙂


Shadows on ground of kissing figures w. camera on tripod between.


Two walruses kissing as they eat from a hand between them at the Brookfield zoo.


A view of subjects kissing while geared to a lie detector machine to measure the emotional reacton.


Couple kissing in front of the Delta Tau Delta mummy at the University of the South. Girls are told: «Kiss mummy or kiss me.»


Actress Marilyn Hare being kiss by soldiers as repayment. Caption from LIFE. «Surrounded by her work, Marilyn [Hare] collects repayment in kind while throngs wait to manifest their gratitude. A graduate of Flushing High School, Long Island, N.Y., Marilyn is now under contract to Republic pictures. She can cook, too.»
Multiple exposure of actress Deanna Durbin & actor Edmond O’Brien walking toward each other & kissing; from motion picture «Tonight and Forever».


Couple in Penn Station sharing farewell kiss before he ships off to war during WWII.


Mrs. Martini, wife of the Bronx Zoo lion keeper, kissing a tiger cub; she is temporarily caring for the cub because the captive mother will not nurse her cubs.


A jubilant Amer. sailor clutching a pretty white-uniformed nurse in a back-bending, passionate kiss as he vents his joy while thousands jam the Times Square area to celebrate the long awaited victory over Japan.


A little boy dressed as Uncle Sam, kissing a little girl on the cheek.


UNITED STATES – JUNE 1946: Newly wed couple Marshall Jacobs & wife Yolanda kiss after being married atop a flagpole re postwar revival of the pole sitting fad. (Photo by Allan Grant/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)


Nightclub singer/recording artist Peggy Lee getting a goodnight kiss on the nose from her 4-yr.-old daughter Nicki in her bedroom at home.


Baseball player Yogi Berra getting kiss from his wife, Carmen, before he leaves for clubhouse.


Gallant tiger bowing to kiss hand of flapper Barbara Pettit


Christina Goldsmith, 36-mos.-old, tenderly kissing a Weimaraner puppy, which she took from a new litter of her father’s stock since he is a top breeder of Weimaraner hunting dogs.


Entertainer Josephine Baker (L) receiving congratulatory kiss on the nose from her husband, orchestra leader Jo Bouillon, after her show at the Strand theater during her US tour.


Jill Corey giving her grandmother, «Mamouch», a kiss on the forehead.


Actress Irish McCalla as «Sheena Queen of the Jungle» kissing her chimpanzee costar.


Rock singer Elvis Presley tenderly embracing & kissing the cheek of a female admirer backstage before his concert, after she wrote a prizewinning letter on why she would like to meet him.


Univ. of MI student couple engaged in an impromptu kiss, which was forbidden conduct even before school ban, because earlier rules required couples to have both feet on the floor, in the Union Building on campus.


Richard Ramsey, worker in cosmetic company covered with relics of iipstick kisses to prove that dyes in lipsticks are harmless.


Actor Steve McQueen kisses Natalie Wood’s hand as the actors meet to discuss their new big-screen project, 1963’s «Love With the Proper Stranger.»


Caption from LIFE. «Home a hero after his successful 1965 mission in Gemini 3, [Gus (Virgil I.) Grissom] greeted his parents who came from Mitchell, Indiana for the flight.»
Dustin Hoffman


Oberlin College students kissing in a co-ed dorm.

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